Our early Autumn harvest inspires Asian flavours in the Kitchen.

Our early Autumn harvest from the Bialik Garden was the inspiration for our Asian-themed Menu this week. As you can see in the photos above, our Harvest Table looked very impressive with an abundance of beautiful, fresh produce all harvested by the students from our Garden!

The Pak Choy was used in an Asian Greens Stir-Fry with Ginger and Soy and also in a delicious Vegetarian Fried Rice. Our zucchini were also used in the Fried Rice and in Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls. A fresh Garden Salad with Citrus Vinegarette accompanied our mains with deliciously, crispy Roti. It is always so lovely to see the class come together after all their hard work to share & enjoy their dishes.

All recipes are available on our ‘Recipes’ link so please feel free to download a copy.

Science Week in the Kitchen!

During Science Week, the Year 4 & 5 students explored the Science of Taste in the Kitchen. We discussed the 5 main tastes and how the taste of foods relates to their chemical make-up, but also depends on how they are combined and the effect of temperature whilst cooking.

Each group then cooked a recipe based on each of these 5 tastes:

Greek Stuffed Vegetables (Sweet)

Beetroot Borani – Persian Beetroot dip (Sour)

Rosemary Focaccia (Salty)

Vegetarian Samosa (Bitter)

Braised Pumpkin & Silverbeet in Miso (Umani)

These recipes showcased a wide range of tastes & flavours from around the world – Greece, Iran, Italy, India & Japan. When it came to sampling our dishes it was a healthy and exciting eating experience for all and it was so great to see so many students trying new flavour combinations for the very first time!

Kitchen Beds Near Shuk


Nate putting soil in the bed near the shuk


Photo of the plants going to get planted near the  shuk


Daniel and Felix turning the over soil


Hank and Dean turning and putting soil in the bed


Felix holding soil in shovel


Felix, Charlie and Kayla getting soil from the wheelbarow


Felix turning over soil


Grade 4’s get busy in the garden

The grade 4 classes have been busy over the last few weeks learning new skills and expectations for both kitchen and garden classes. This will help them to navigate through the garden to find all the delectable and tasty food that is growing and to assist them in creating magnificent meals to share with friends.

Learning how to take responsibility for the chickens


Seed Starting for a new change in the garden

Learning new skills