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Bialik Grandparents Morning Tea

Sharing the garden and our garden class was a highlight. Students of all ages wowed the visitors with their garden knowledge and tips -many grandparents left excited to try them at home!!! It was nice to see people of all ages appreciating the space and our efforts.

A fabulous event on so many levels!


Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Josh Frydenberg and Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash  


Living for our Future – Healthy gardens for

healthy waterways

Can you imagine a Billabong in your own backyard?

Join local legend legend Phillip Johnson — creator of the ‘Gold’ and ‘Best in Show’ exhibit at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show and one of the most awarded landscape designers in Australia — for an inspiring presentation on the philosophy and practice behind his beautiful, water-wise and wildlife-friendly landscapes. Also on-hand will be Brent Papadopoulos from Sustainable Plumbing Solutions with tips on low-cost water-wise solutions for your home and garden

For more information visit or phone 92784011

Boroondara Council

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)

Camberwell, VIC



Boroondara Sustainable Living Festival – Be Inspired!

Wild Action – close and personal with ‘Caramello’ the Koala, say hello to ‘Simba’ the dingo or even pat a python.

Kids Have your face painted, make an animal mask, have a play on the giant snakes and ladders board and have your photo taken in a real garbage truck with the driver!

Worms not waste Expert advice on worm farming -free ‘worm juice’ or ‘worm castings’ fertiliser and discounted worm farms.

Feathered friends Learn how to look after your own live+ly egg producing friends at home.

Water wise First-hand how water saving solutions at home help the wider environment.

Incredible edibles practical demonstrations on growing your own fruit and vegetables in small spaces. Get in early to pick up a free seedling or seeds.

What’s the buzz? See a working beehive and experience home honey harvesting in action – find out if it’s right for you.

Beautiful backyards Be inspired by the habitat gardening display.  Speak to Parks staff, get their top tips and pick up an indigenous plant voucher.

Pedal power Make your own smoothie using nothing but pedal power.

Keep your cool Speak to our expert ‘energy bill busters’.  Receive valuable       tips on keeping cool over summer while saving money.

When: Saturday 15 February 2014, 8am to 1pm

Where: Boroondara Farmers Market, Patterson Reserve,

Auburn Road, Hawthorn East


Rosh Hashanah,  Honey Cake Bake-off! 

In 4C each student brought in a home-made honey cake that was either a traditional recipe, or a copied a recipe from the computer. The judges were Naomi, Catherine & Greg. Every now and then, they would nod to each other and make little comments like ‘’yum!’’ or ‘’ooh, I can taste that honey!’’ You had to rewrite or type up your recipe. When we brought our cake in to the judges, it had to be plated up in a beautiful or creative way. 4C had a great time and all agreed that this home learning was by far the best! The teachers didn’t mind the home learning either!

Yael Meltzer



Telling Our Stories of Learning 25-27 August 2013

Bialik College, in collaboration with the Harvard School of Education, is looking forward to the 4th Cultures of Thinking Conference. The conference theme is: Telling Our Stories of Learning: Who are our students becoming as thinkers and learners as a result of their time with us?

This presentation will be given in the Kitchen Garden on Monday –

Thinking, Learning and Moving beyond token tree planting  

For us to ultimately sustain this planet, we require students that are innovative, empathetic and have a global understanding. Students require the skills to respond to the challenges and changes that are shared across local and international communities. This session will examine how to foster thinking, and make thinking visible, outside the typical classroom setting. Join us in our Kitchen Garden where examples of the cultural forces will be discussed, and how they influence and underpin the curriculum.



We are very excited for the arrival of our four Isa Brown chooks on the 21st of May, 2013. The chooks will be happy arriving in cooler weather, they really don’t like creating a new home when the weather is really hot. In the last three months the Passionfruit and Jasmine vines have grown exceptionally well and will provide the chooks with shade during the warmer months.


On the 24th of April 10 students from the years 4-9 represented Bialik College at the Boorandara Sustainability Awards. To start councilors explained the award categories and said how impressed they were with the amazing sustainability actions school students were taking. The very entertaining, and passionate, TV star Costa Georgiadis talked excitedly about sustainability and some of the easy actions you can do to help the environment. The awards were announced…drum roll….. Bialik won GOLD in the Biodiversity category! GO BIALIK, we were so proud!!

The judging panel loved that Bialik students have started to build a frog bog (habitat for local frogs), have grown (are growing) food (Bidgee-widgee plants) to take to Healesville Sanctuary to help feed the critically endangered Orange Bellied Parrot (only about 50 left in all of the world!) and competing the first part of Bialik’s Indigenous Garden to help prevent soil damage and provide habitat for local species. To finish captain Smog Buster gave us a presentation on anti-smoke and being pro green.

Jake Pudel Year 6


We are looking forward to our Kitchen Garden Launch which is happening on 19th March, 2013. We would love to see you there!!!

View the flyer here –

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