Meet the Specialists

Julie Hart – Garden Educator

I am a Science and Mathematics teacher who has taught in the Senior, Middle and Primary schools at Bialik College. I am originally from Bendigo and have lived in Melbourne for the past 18 years. My 6 year old son, Lachlan and 3 year old daughter Olivia love the outdoors as much as I do!

As a veggie gardening and sustainability enthusiast I thoroughly enjoy this brilliant learning space with all of the Bialik Community. The garden is a very special place, where students develop lifelong skills and gain a new appreciate of how important it is to look after our environment – you look after the earth and the earth will look after you.

The veggie garden area is not just used as a garden, but also as a community gathering area for Jewish festivals, writing poetry, recording/analysing and studying meaningful numerical data, investigating microorganisms, testing soils, painting, developing art models, recording and making music! Really any situation where learning will be enhanced by this incredible outdoor classroom!

So pull on your gloves and let’s enjoy the wonderful world of gardening together.


Fay Pititto – Kitchen Educator 

I am a Science and Biology teacher who has taught in Secondary Education since 2001. I have a great passion for food, cooking and good nutrition. I was raised in a family who grew the majority of their own fresh produce and cooking together was a big part of our family life. Many of my fondest childhood memories involve being in the kitchen.

I have three young children; Isabella aged ten, Erika aged eight and Claudia aged four. Cooking with my kids is always so much fun!

For the last two and a half years I’ve been teaching Primary School students all around Melbourne with The Travelling Kitchen – Mobile Cooking Workshops and Incursions. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed teaching children to cook and encouraging them to try new flavours and make healthy choices. I am constantly amazed by children’s curiosity and their enthusiasm in the kitchen!

I love experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes from the many cookbooks I enjoy collecting. My favourite chef would have to be Frank Camorra from Movida. I was lucky enough to have a cooking lesson with him through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation several years ago. That day was the moment that I realised I wanted to combine my love of Teaching & Learning with my passion for Cooking!

I look forward to cooking up a storm with you all!

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